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Enjoy A Life More Filling

With only 9 calories and 0 net carbs per bag, It's Skinny allows you to load up on the stuff you really love—sauces, toppings, the works


A Need For Better Pasta

It's Skinny Pasta is bucking the system by challenging how people think, cook and eat something that’s been around for hundreds of years- pasta. While the universe of pasta is slowly trying to launch better for you options, these are mostly tweaks, nudges and derivations of the usual-suspects. The world needed a better option

It’s not

full of carbohydrates and calories

It’s not

highly processed with low nutrition value

It’s not

full of gluten and high glycemic index

How did It's Skinny come to be?

Bryan Guadagno was on a trip to Iceland in 2014 to escape the burnout he was facing at work. It was supposed to be a relaxing vacation, but by the end of the trip, he felt even worse. Bryan felt completely drained & could hardly move. His stomach was killing him. The pain of not eating was less than the pain of trying to eat.

After getting back to the US, Bryan’s doctor diagnosed him with esophagitis and pre-hypertension. His poor diet, excess coffee, lack of sleep, and long work hours were causing his vital digestive organs to erode. Stomach acid had literally begun to leak into his esophagus. Ouch!

That’s when Bryan decided to start his healthy living journey. He began to work out more, sleep longer, and even started working with more ‘healthy’ food companies in his investment banking job - hoping that he would learn to change his diet for the better, too.

Bryan truly thought that healthy foods were the key to living a long, happy life to spend time with his now wife Sherry & their boys, Aero and Blue.


Problems with other brands!

But the more time he invested in different ‘healthy living brands' that marketed themselves as keto, paleo, low carb, or whatever the latest trend was…

He found that most of these brands were actually chock-full of carbs, produced with unhealthy vegetable oils. Some were reducing the serving size so small that the product appeared to have fewer calories. Plus, their products were processed with unnatural & inorganic ingredients, full of gluten & artificial preservatives.

Most importantly, he found that these ‘health forward’ brands did not make it easy or convenient to eat healthy. In fact, these brands were confusing more people than they were helping. There had to be a better way.

Bryan had enough. He quit his job working with these brands… And set out to start his own truly natural, low glycemic, and gluten-free option that would make it easy for health conscious consumers to live a better, easier, and healthier life.


Comfort food

Meets Konjac

Konjac is a root vegetable that has been enjoyed around the world for centuries. Naturally low calorie, we found it to be the perfect base for pasta and rice, and so, It's Skinny was born!


Why we love it
(And know you will too)

Make it

What You Crave

All the flavor and nutrition. None of the guilt.

It's Skinny Pasta_Sean Misa_013

No guilt, no hassle


Say goodbye to boiling water! It's Skinny is ready to go right out of the bag! Simply strain, sauté with your favorite sauce for 2 minutes, and bon appetit!


And that’s the skinny

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