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Discover The 9 calorie noodle

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Product Facts

It's Everyones Favorite Konjac Noodle


My fiancé and I started the keto diet a month ago and found these while looking for a pasta alternative. We love them! ... After rinsing them off I sauté them with butter, garlic powder and salt. They turn out super yummy!

I like everything about these noodles

I have tried a lot of different brands of low carb noodles. They were delicious. They are shelf stable and easy to store in the pantry. This will be in regular rotation in our diet!

Comfort Food

Meets Konjac

It's Skinny is a plant-based pasta made from Konjac, an ancient root vegetable that is naturally low-calorie and 0 net carbs, allowing you to enjoy all the incredible flavors you would expect of your favorite pasta dishes—without the guilt!


Us vs Them

Regular Pasta

  • 380 Calories
  • 84g Carbs
  • 50mg Sodium
  • Highly Processed
  • 9 Calories
  • 0 Net Carbs
  • 10mg Sodium
  • Low Glycemic

Leading Pasta Alternative

  • 380 Calories
  • 64g Carbs
  • 120mg Sodium
  • Highly Processed
* per package

No Guilt

No Hassle

Say goodbye to boiling water, It's Skinny is ready to go right out of the bag! Simply strain, sauté with your favorite sauce for 2 minutes, and bon appetit.


Make it

What you crave

It's Skinny is what you make it! From fettuccine alfredo to spaghetti bolognese to creamy risotto, celebrate the beauty of what's on top!