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It's Skinny FAQs

It's Skinny is a new way to enjoy your favorite pasta,
noodle, and rice dishes. We've created a way-better-for-you
alternative—and we're sure you have some questions.


A 9 Calorie Pasta? How is that Possible?

Oh it's possible! Thanks to the miracle superfood konjac, which is naturally low-calorie, carb- and gluten-free, vegan, and keto- and paleo-friendly. It's Skinny's entire line of pastas and rice is made with konjac flour, allowing you to enjoy all your favorite comfort dishes—without any of the guilt. Learn more below.

It’s Skinny Pasta and It’s Skinny Rice are made from konjac flour, which is extraordinarily low in calories. Due to the high fiber content, It’s Skinny contains zero net carbs. It’s Skinny products also contain a small amount of oat powder, water, and calcium hydroxide. These ingredients make It’s Skinny superb at mirroring the taste and experience of traditional pasta.

Konjac is a root vegetable from the yam family. It's naturally gluten-free and vegan. Konjac is acceptable for Paleo, Keto, and Whole30 dieters. The root vegetable is high in satiating glucomannan fiber—helping you stay full and satisfied. You may have heard Konjac pasta referred to as shirataki or "shirataki noodles." The konjac plant is native to Asia, where people have enjoyed it for centuries, particularly in Japanese cuisine.

You’re not alone. Only about 20% of consumers are familiar with konjac root. Shirataki noodles had a questionable reputation before It’s Skinny came along. Other brands of shirataki or “miracle” noodles had a slimy texture and off-putting odor. Fortunately, It’s Skinny Pasta is different. It takes on the surrounding flavors of other ingredients and tastes pretty darn close to Grandma’s traditional spaghetti (without the guilt)!

Yes! Konjac root is super healthy. It’s Skinny pasta is high in fiber, with only nine calories and zero net carbs per serving. The 2 grams of carbohydrates come entirely from dietary fiber, meaning It's Skinny passes through your system without weighing you down. In fact, It's Skinny Pasta is safe for intermittent fasters because it won't break your fast!

It's Skinny is a high-fiber food, so we recommend limiting your consumption to the recommended serving size. As with other fiber-rich foods, we suggest you eat It's Skinny with a glass of water and enjoy a single serving per meal. That said, It's Skinny is a great way to enjoy guilt-free dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a between-meal snack. It won’t break your intermittent fast, and it’s safe for anyone watching carbohydrates, calories, sugar, or other dietary concerns.

We’re a bit biased, but It’s Skinny is truly delicious. Influencers like Jorge Cruise, QCP, and Chef Michelle have worked with and recommended It's Skinny Pasta and Rice. Why? Because It's Skinny tastes exactly like the ingredients you cook with. Our shirataki noodles absorb the flavor of the sauce, toppings, and proteins to make a delicious dish with the texture and mouth-feel of traditional pasta.

We hear from a lot of people who have been put off by other “skinny noodles.” Some konjac products have a strong odor, rubbery texture, or slimy feel. Gross! We worked hard to get the formula and ingredients right to eliminate these issues, including the texture, odor, and any other weirdness. In fact, we've been told that It's Skinny has the best texture of any konjac noodles on the market.

It's Skinny Pasta and Rice are considered shirataki noodles (which means that they're made from konjac root). Unlike other brands of shirataki noodles on the market, like Miracle Noodle, Tofu Shirataki, Pasta Zero, and Skinny Shirataki, we use a unique formula and method to craft our noodles. Our special recipe ensures that It’s Skinny Pasta is the best option to cover those traditional pasta cravings.

It’s Skinny Products have been Certified Gluten-Free by the Gluten-Free Food Program (GFFP) since 2023, and the National Celiac Association endorses the GFFP certification program.  Visit our profile here!
The oat powder we use is also free from gluten, and It’s Skinny is processed in a gluten-free environment, making it a safe option for people with gluten sensitivities. So how should you enjoy gluten-free It's Skinny? Explore our recipes for plenty of ideas for enjoying gluten-free It's Skinny Pasta dishes without worry!

It’s Skinny pasta is safe for people with diabetes. In fact, the special fiber in konjac—glucomannan fiber—has been shown to help folks with diabetes keep their blood sugar steady. The fiber in It's Skinny is slowly processed, helping you feel fuller longer. Because there are zero net carbs in It's Skinny, it also has a zero glycemic index.

It’s Skinny Pasta and Rice contain konjac powder, as well as small amounts of oat powder, water, and calcium hydroxide. It's Skinny Pasta isn't a significant vitamin D, calcium, iron, or potassium source; it’s gluten-free and non-GMO. A 9.52-ounce package of It’s Skinny contains two servings, with 4.5 calories per serving, 2 grams of dietary fiber, zero net carbohydrates, and 10 mg of sodium (0% of your RDA based on a 2000-calorie diet).

Yes, all of the above! It’s Skinny contains no animal products, making it safe for vegans and vegetarians alike. It is Kosher-parve under KOF-K Kosher Supervision. KOF-K is a leading certification agency in the US. It's Skinny is also Non-GMO Project certified.

At It's Skinny, we pride ourselves on being one of the most diet-friendly pasta products on the market. Because of our unique approach to shirataki pasta, we're acceptable for those avoiding soy, gluten, eggs, dairy, and nuts. In addition, It's Skinny is keto and paleo-friendly. With zero net carbs and only 9 calories per pack, It’s Skinny is the perfect way to have pasta your way.

It's Skinny comes in wide Fettuccine style, classic Spaghetti style (perfect for noodle bowls), delicate Angel-Hair Pasta, and versatile Rice. You can cut It’s Skinny noodles for a shorter pasta option (like macaroni, rigatoni, and penne), if you prefer. It’s Skinny Rice is perfect for risotto, rice pudding, fried rice, and as the base to your favorite bowls. Looking for a way to make lasagna with It’s Skinny? Don’t miss our deconstructed lasagna recipe to satisfy all your cravings! The pastabilities are endless with It’s Skinny!

Hate waiting for water to boil or busting out the rice cooker? With It's Skinny, all you need to do is rinse, heat, eat, and repeat! It's Skinny is pre-cooked, so all you need to do is toss the noodles in the pan and let them heat through for about two minutes, and they're ready to go! Add It's Skinny to your sauces and toppings right at the end of the cooking process, and it's ready for maximum enjoyment with minimal effort. Explore our recipes for great ideas!

It’s Skinny Pasta can be used in baked dishes, but for more optimal results, you may wish to bake the other ingredients until cooked and add It’s Skinny at the end to heat through. See the process in our TikTok Feta Pasta recipe. It’s Skinny is pre-cooked, so there’s no need to bake or boil It’s Skinny Pasta or Rice.

It's Skinny Pasta is fully cooked and only requires heating through to enjoy the noodles warm. Cold noodle recipe? Simply rinse and add in the It’s Skinny. You can heat It’s Skinny with your method of choice—stovetop or microwave for approximately 2 minutes. For a quick and easy “no break-fast” pasta, simply microwave It’s Skinny with a small amount of butter, herbs, salt, and pepper. You can enjoy a yummy bowl of filling pasta without breaking your intermittent fast or derailing your diet. It’s the secret to intermittent fasting success!

If you’ve noticed that the packages of It’s Skinny look slightly different, we have updated our packaging over the last several years. Each It’s Skinny Pasta style is indicated with a different color package. Spaghetti is green, Angel Hair is blue, Fettuccine is red, and Rice is purple. Choose your It’s Skinny variety at a glance and easily organize your pantry shelves.

It's Skinny is best when stored in a cool, dry place. Each package is marked with a best-by date, and it's important to consume It's Skinny noodles before that date for the best results. Once you’ve opened It's Skinny, refrigerate and consume the Pasta within 24 hours. Avoid freezing It's Skinny Pasta and Rice, as it can break down the texture.

You can get It's Skinny Pasta and Rice in all varieties right here on our website. It's Skinny comes in Spaghetti, Fettuccine, Angel Hair, and Rice style—perfect for recreating all your favorite recipes. You can also order a variety pack to try all the types and choose your favorite. Find It's Skinny Pasta on Amazon, as well as a wide variety of retailers across the United States! Many retailers store It's Skinny near the refrigerated tofu and other plant-based products. Since It's Skinny packaging is shelf-stable, some retailers may display It's Skinny Pasta and Rice near the store's traditional pasta or rice sections. For wholesale order inquiries, please reach out here.

We’re here to help ensure your ordering process is smooth and simple. If you have an issue with placing your order, please contact us via our chat feature. A chat icon is in the lower right corner of your screen. Click the icon on the shopping screen to get assistance with your It’s Skinny order.

Wondering how to take It’s Skinny around the world? It’s Skinny packaging contains liquid, so TSA may require you to put it in your checked luggage if you plan to take It’s Skinny on a trip. For our international friends, It’s Skinny currently ships only within the United States. Orders over $70 get free shipping within the US. However, if you order through Amazon or another retailer that ships internationally, you may be able to get your It’s Skinny delivered to your door anywhere in the world.

We’re sure that once you try It’s Skinny, you will love it. However, if you are dissatisfied with It’s Skinny for some reason, you may return most new, unopened items purchased at within 30 days of receiving the delivery. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, less shipping charges. Please note that subscription products aren’t eligible for refunds but may be canceled prior to shipping. Once shipped, sales on subscribe-and-save orders are final. Find our return policy here.

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