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7 Super Easy Keto Desserts to Keep You Satisfied

Aug 24th 2022

7 Super Easy Keto Desserts to Keep You Satisfied

If you’re on keto or another low-carb diet, you’ve probably caught yourself eying desserts at your favorite restaurant or poking around the cupboard for a sweet treat. Hey, it happens!


We all love dessert sometimes, and the trick to staying successful on your diet plan is to avoid complete deprivation. So, when you want dessert, look for super easy keto desserts that you can make in minutes. Having some ideas ready in mind will help you stay on track.


We’ve all heard the saying that “there’s always room for dessert.” Is it true? Are some of us just dessert people, craving a little palette cleanser after every meal?


Psychology tells us that we save room for dessert because we crave a different taste, texture, and mouthfeel from the rest of the meal. We want it because it’s a new experience compared to the savory meal we just consumed.


The other reason we have a hard time resisting sweet treats is that we might not be eating enough or feel deprived. When we have a salad, it's much harder to pass on a delicious piece of chocolate cake.


When following the keto diet, we eschew carbohydrates for high protein, high-fat foods. The goal is to shift our bodies into a state called ketosis. When we’re in this state, our bodies burn our fat storage as fuel, as opposed to burning through the normally carb-laden meals we consume.


What's more, when we're in ketosis, we typically have more energy and feel less hungry. This is because protein and fat are highly satiating. So much so, that we often may stop craving sugar and sweets once we've been following keto for a while.


But, of course, old habits die hard. So if we're trying to "give up" sweet treats, it may be better to find some quick and easy keto desserts that can satisfy those cravings.



If you’re constantly craving dessert and can’t seem to get over the hump, you may want to look at your meals. Are you eating things that are satisfying and filling? Are you giving up too many of your favorite dishes?


Our little secret to staying on track with keto is It’s Skinny Pasta and It’s Skinny Rice. It's Skinny is a keto pasta that tastes delicious. It works perfectly in all your favorite dishes, from Bolognese to drunken noodles to rice dishes like poke.


Ready to be amazed? It’s Skinny has ZERO net carbs and only 9 calories per pack! With stats like that, you won’t undo your hard work, but you’ll still get to manage your pasta cravings. The secret to It’s Skinny is the amazing konjac root.


For those unfamiliar, konjac is a small plant commonly used in Asia for food and medicine. It's similar to a turnip or potato but very high in glucomannan fiber(Opens an external site in a new window). This insoluble fiber fills you up and keeps your blood sugar stable.


What’s more, It’s Skinny is one of the best keto pasta options out there for flavor, texture, and ease. Unlike some other pasta swaps, it won’t overpower the dish. It’s Skinny noodles don't get soggy or gloppy like zoodles, and they don't require long cooking times or waiting. To enjoy It's Skinny, cook your toppings and protein, open the pack of noodles, drain and add them to the dish at the end of cooking. Heat through for 1-2 minutes, and they're ready to enjoy.


It's Skinny takes on the surrounding flavors of the dish. It’s perfect with all your favorite keto-friendly toppings like steak, chicken, cheese, creamy sauces, avocado, and more. Make pasta your way with It’s Skinny.


If you’re ready to try the secret to keto success, order It’s Skinny today. We have convenient 6 packs available. Try a variety pack to sample fettuccine, spaghetti, angel hair, and rice varieties. It's Skinny lets you make all your favorite carb-heavy dishes without all the carbs!



As for fast and super easy keto desserts, try these to stay on track.



It's Skinny isn't just for savory dishes! You can make a delicious keto-friendly rice pudding using coconut, and It’s Skinny rice. Top your rice pudding with a few berries, some chopped nuts, or a sprinkle of cinnamon for added sweetness.


Rice pudding is the ultimate comfort food—creamy, filling, and tasty. It’s truly the perfect keto dessert.



If you've spent any time online researching super easy keto desserts, you've probably run into an avocado mousse recipe. It sounds a little strange, but with cocoa powder and keto-friendly sweetener, avocado blends into a smooth, creamy, delicious dessert treat.


Avocado mousse has a similar texture to pudding or a traditional mousse. Despite being made from avocado, it doesn’t taste like the green fruit (yes, avocado is actually a fruit). It just tastes like a decadent, chocolaty treat!



Are chocolate cravings driving you mad? You can still have a bit of chocolate on keto. Keep the piece small and choose dark chocolate (70% dark or higher). There are also specifically-for-keto chocolate options, which can keep you on track.


Everyone has a chocolate craving every once in a while, and letting yourself enjoy a square or two of a high-quality, rich piece will crush those cravings. The key to eating chocolate on keto is to savor it slowly. Enjoy each taste. Smell the chocolate and eat it mindfully, so you can fully experience this delicious treat.



In moderation, berries—strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries—are still allowed on keto. If you want to enjoy a sweet treat, berries can be a great option. Enjoy a few berries in a cloud of heavy whipping cream. Sprinkle on a few mint leaves or a dash of spice like nutmeg or cinnamon. Top a small scoop of keto ice cream with some berries.


Try a few frozen berries if you're looking for a slow-to-savor but super easy keto dessert. You can let them melt in your mouth. Berries are one of the best answers to dessert cravings on keto. Just be sure to limit yourself, as it's easy to go overboard (and you still want to stay within your target carbohydrate intake so you don't go out of ketosis).



Another internet favorite keto dessert is "fat bombs.” It’s a funny name, but keto fat bombs can be a great dessert idea, especially if you want an easy sweet bite. Typical fat bombs are similar to energy balls. They're made with simple ingredients like coconut oil, cream cheese, or nut butter.


People often mix in spices, coconut, cocoa, or nuts with their fat bombs, as well as a keto-friendly sweetener like erythritol or monk-fruit. Fat bombs are filling and customizable, making them a nice option for keto dieters. Make them ahead and pop them in the freezer so you can grab them and go.



When you consider cheesecake, it's often a low-carb dessert anyway. The sugar (and the crust) gives cheesecake all the carbs. You can make a keto cheesecake using cream cheese, yogurt, vanilla, and eggs, depending on your preference. Use a keto-friendly sweetener to make sure it stays low carb. Whip up these same ingredients to enjoy a satisfying keto cheesecake fluff.


Keto cheesecakes are typically crustless, although you could use nuts and butter to make a keto-friendly cheesecake crust. Again, use a keto-friendly sweetener in the crust and bake (or refrigerate if you’re following a no-bake recipe).



It’s important to note that many nut butters contain sugar and carbohydrates. Most brand-name peanut butters are very sweet and not keto friendly. However, there are keto nut butters out there. Look for natural options without added sweetening and other ingredients.


Macadamia, pecan, and Brazil nuts are the most keto-friendly nut options. To amp up the natural sweetness, you can toast nuts and add spices, including cinnamon. Make your own pecan or macadamia nut butter in the blender, and enjoy a spoonful when you need a pick-me-up—pair nuts with a soft cheese like brie for a French take on an end-of-meal treat.



If you’re looking to signify the end of a meal, you can try this great psychological trick—drink a cup of something warm like decaf coffee or herbal tea. When we enjoy a slow, sippable beverage like coffee or tea, we get that same sense of closure to a meal.


Often when we're craving dessert, it's really about the lingering conversation and sense of celebration that accompanies the end of a great dinner. We can get those same social boosts by simply sipping a keto-friendly warm drink while we visit with our friends.


It's more than possible to enjoy dessert on keto. Plenty of delicious and satisfying keto-friendly treats can bring closure to a meal and help us feel satisfied and full. Start by enjoying some of your favorite dishes, made keto-friendly with It’s Skinny.


Make dessert a special, occasional treat, and when you decide to indulge, choose one of these super easy keto dessert options so you can stay on track. Cheers to your keto success!

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