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Why You Should Probably Quit Your Diet Today

Mar 15th 2023

Why You Should Probably Quit Your Diet Today

Stop that annoying eating plan right away.


Chuck the diet book in the trash.


It only makes you miserable.


Just think of all the tasty foods and good moods you're missing.


You may need to revisit your thoughts about food, especially when they've been fed to you by the media.


You see, TV's "Biggest Loser"-style shape-ups are so dramatic because they're short-lived.


Where are the contestants when the cameras stop rolling?


Right back where they started.


Research in Translational Behavioral Medicine found 6 months after successfully losing weight, dieters began to slip back into weight-gaining behaviors and needed a mental reboot to stick to it.


It means even when you've hit that magical 6-month mark and think you've made it.


You haven't.


When the momentum has stopped, you might return to those old habits.


The problem with diets is that it's not that they're hard to follow (which they often are).

It's how you act after you’ve ditched the diet.


A new paper in Physiology & Behavior wanted to know how diets impact your way of thinking and why you might overeat.


They found the modern food environment and your evolutionary heritage team up to make you overeat whenever there's food around.


It's not that dieting is good or bad.


It's neither.


However, to make lasting changes to your health, you must positively alter your food environment when you're with your friends and family.


They found today's culture around food leads to a pattern of serious weight gain that becomes almost impossible to break.


If you want your diet to be sustainable, it's best to make sure you enjoy it.


Don't call it a diet; find ways to look forward to the foods you eat.


It should fit with your lifestyle and the people you spend time with.


An easy first step is to make simple swaps to your food plan, so you feel fuller for longer.


It's Skinny pasta, and rice is the easiest switch you can make.


They allow you to enjoy the same tastes the rest of your family enjoys.


Each pack has only 9 calories, is high in fiber, and has a low glycemic index with zero net carbs.


You can eat It's Skinny and feel full and satisfied.


Implement a single change each week.


By the end of the year, these will add up to a massive step in the right direction.


The best diet is one that positively changes your mindset.

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