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Discover The Wonder Of Konjac

A humble, ancient root vegetable meets modern-day nutrition.


What is


Konjac is an ancient plant native to Southeast Asia that's been used for thousands of years. What Konjac is really great at is capturing all of the richest, wildest flavors you can dream of, without trapping the calories and carbs traditional pasta is known to have.


All around

Better for you

Because It's Skinny is made with Konjac, it's naturally only 9 calories per bag and 0 net carbs!


Centuries-old vegetable meets modern day nutrition



The plant originates in East Asia, it’s been used for centuries. It’s also known as shirataki.

Only about 20% of consumers know what Konjac is, so you’re not alone. That’s because it’s never been made approachable, and other products have been produced with an off-putting odor, a slime, or other off-putting consumer experience. It’s Skinny addresses these issues

Yes! Konjac is super healthy, it’s high in fiber, low in calories and carbs. We always recommend limiting consumption to the recommended serving size though!

It tastes exactly like whatever you cook it with. The noodles absorb the taste of whatever they’re cooked with, so as long as your toppings or sauces taste good, the pasta will be DELICIOUS!

Some Konjac products are known to have a strong odor, a rubbery texture, or a slimy-feel. We specifically crafted our pastas and rice with consumer experience and approachability in mind, and we’ve been able to eliminate the odor, and significantly improve the texture of our products. In fact, we’ve been told that we have the best texture of any Konjac noodle on the market!

It’s Skinny is it’s own form of shirataki noodles! We use a different formula to craft our noodles.