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5 Delicious Keto Chicken Breast Recipes

Sep 14th 2022

5 Delicious Keto Chicken Breast Recipes

Sick of boring keto chicken breast recipes? Don’t feel like chicken tonight? Never fear! These five keto chicken breast dinner ideas will change your tune.


We’ve rounded up some different keto-friendly chicken breast ideas that are a little “outside the box.” It’s time for some new dinner plans!


Whether you’re a low-carb, keto, or low-calorie dieter, chances are chicken breast is in regular rotation on your menu. It’s a great protein—versatile, customizable, and delicious. Chicken breasts are a perfect serving size, too, and you can find them nearly everywhere.


Chicken breasts have zero net carbs, so they won't mess up your keto diet. A chicken breast contains about 54 grams of protein, a few grams of fat, and between 90-110 calories. In other words, chicken breast is lean, low-cal, high protein, and low carb. It’s pretty much a perfect diet food.


But after day-in and day-out eating chicken, chances are, you feel a bit fatigued by the bird. It's an excellent platform for many meals, but it's not as comforting as some of your old favorites like rice or PASTA, right? After a long, stressful work week, who doesn’t want to tuck into a big bowl of something delicious? A grilled chicken breast isn’t quite going to cut it.


We’ve got you covered! With It’s Skinny, you can enjoy chicken breast that’s never boring or typical. Try a riff on one of these delicious recipes made with It’s Skinny Pasta or It’s Skinny Rice and you’ll feel satisfied!


That's right, folks! You can enjoy these yummy chicken breast PASTA recipes on keto! These pasta and rice recipes are ideal for making the most of a winner, winner chicken dinner while still getting your comfort food fix.


We know you want to know how! Well, meet It’s Skinny! It’s Skinny Pasta and It’s Skinny Rice are made with a humble little vegetable known as konjac. This root may be a bit funny looking and mysterious, but it also makes the perfect swap for pasta.


Konjac root has been popular in Asia as food and medicine for many years, but it’s only recently taken off in the United States. It contains a special fiber called glucomannan, which makes it ultra-filling and helps keep your blood sugar steady.


It's Skinny Pasta and It's Skinny Rice contain ZERO net carbs and only 9 calories per pack. They are easy to work with and the ideal substitute for starchy carbohydrates that you'd typically include in your favorite dinner recipes. Unlink many of the typical swaps—cauliflower rice, zoodles—It's Skinny doesn't overpower the dish or taste weird. The texture is ideal, and it's super easy to work with.


To use It’s Skinny in your favorite keto chicken breast recipes, simply tear open the package, drain, and add it to the pan and the end of the cooking process. It only needs a minute or two to heat through, and it’s ready to enjoy!


Make dinner extra special with these keto chicken breast recipes that include It’s Skinny Pasta and It’s Skinny Rice! Order a variety pack today, so you can enjoy all the different types of It’s Skinny Pasta and Rice!


Ready to get cookin’? Here are the best keto chicken breast recipes with It’s Skinny! You can enjoy satisfying pasta, delicious rice, and all the protein-packed benefits of chicken breast.




One of our favorite recipes—chicken or otherwise, this healthy chicken breast recipe tastes garden fresh. Lots of basil adds a flavorful punch. When you serve this chicken pesto over angel hair, you elevate it to restaurant-worth status.


It’s Skinny Angel Hair pasta is an ideal accompaniment for pesto. The delicate texture is suited to the light, fresh sauce. Healthy chicken breast adds protein; the whole meal is low-carb and delicious!




Want something a little different? Chopped chicken breast is the perfect ingredient in veggie fried rice, made with keto-friendly It’s Skinny Rice. Eggs add even more protein, and the vegetables add flavor and texture. Be sure to select non-starchy veggies or measure, so you stay within your keto carb count.


This low-carb, healthy chicken fried rice is the answer if you're craving takeout. It's fast, easy to make, and so yummy! This is definitely a keto chicken recipe for the books!




Here's the deal with this low-carb chicken dinner, the original recipe calls for chicken thighs. The thighs are meaty, succulent, and so delicious. But if you don't happen to have chicken thighs on hand, chicken breasts will work well with the spicy sauce and rice.


No matter how you make it, this low-carb Mexican chipotle chicken bowl is a crave-worth keto dinner. The flavors are rich with a kick! If you like a little spiciness and smokiness, then this dish will be a hit!




You could make this dish without chicken, but by adding a little chicken breast, this dish becomes more filling and delicious. Thai drunken noodles got their name because they're the perfect dish to enjoy after a night out.


Adding chicken breast to this recipe increases the protein and ensures your pre or post-game will stay sharp. This recipe is excellent if you love a good noodle bowl.




Can’t decide on the perfect keto chicken breast recipe? No worries! Jazz up any chicken dish with a side of delicious It’s Skinny Pasta or It’s Skinny Rice. Create a DIY noodle or rice bowl that combines your favorite flavors and foods.


We like to drizzle our chicken bowls with hot sauce for a spicy kick! Liquid aminos, ranch, mustard, or even sugar-free ketchup make great low-carb toppings. Pasta sauces are a great choice too. Make a quick alfredo-style sauce with cream cheese, or top your It's Skinny and chicken with parmesan or cheddar. It's all about customization and enjoying your favorite low-carb chicken breast dinners on your own terms.


If you’re ready to try It’s Skinny, order online today! Our variety pack lets you try all the styles—spaghetti, fettuccine, angel hair, and rice. We know once you try It’s Skinny, you’ll love it!

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