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7 Keto Snack Ideas to Keep You Satisfied

Aug 3rd 2022

7 Keto Snack Ideas to Keep You Satisfied

Keto is an excellent low-carb diet to help you lose weight. But like with any diet, being able to enjoy good keto snacks makes following the plan that much easier. That’s why you need some awesome keto snack ideas to help you stay satisfied.


We all get munchy sometimes. When a craving hits, it's usually something salty, sweet, or savory. Many good keto snacks check at least two of the boxes (typically salty and savory snacks) but staying creative with your keto snack ideas will help ensure you don't go off the rails. Even a little “cheating” on keto can take you out of ketosis and force you to start all over.


So here are 7 keto snack ideas that cover any craving and keep you feeling full and going strong!



Whether you’re on the ketogenic diet or another low-carb diet, you may think that cravings are just part of the deal. After all, when you give up most sugars and starches, it’s only natural that you’ll crave bread, sweets, and of course, pasta, right?


Well, yes and no. It all depends on what you’re doing to stay full. Keto is a high-fat diet, and healthy fats are very satiating. Protein is the second-in-command on keto; protein also magically keeps you feeling full. In theory, if you are eating enough at mealtimes, you may not experience cravings on keto at all.


But of course, most of us don't always follow the perfect meal plan. Maybe we forgot to grab breakfast, had an extra-long sweat session at the gym, or were trapped at our desks over lunch. Perhaps we get late-night keto snack cravings because we ate dinner too early (or because we have a habit of snacking on a little nosh with our Netflix).


No judgment on the snackage! The truth is that, as long as you're finding a way to stay successful on the diet, you don't need to remain relegated to three square keto meals per day. You can add some delicious keto snack ideas to your daily repertoire, especially if it keeps you full and helps you avoid those keto cravings!


The challenge of keto is that once your body is in a state of ketosis, you must maintain the low-carb lifestyle to keep burning fat as fuel. If you cave and chow down on some carbs, your body will likely get out of ketosis, and it can take a while (and be a pain) to get back on track. Keto is one of those diets where it's easier to prevent cravings than to try to restart the plan over and over. Moreover, you'll be much more successful if you keep yourself on track.


With any diet, avoiding deprivation is the name of the game. Our inner rebel hates to be told "no," and when food is off-limits, it suddenly becomes very attractive to us. Finding swaps for your favorite foods like pasta can help you stay on track.


That’s where It’s Skinny can help you avoid keto cravings and stay in ketosis. It’s Skinny is a perfect swap for traditional pasta. With 0 net carbs and only 9 calories per bag, you can enjoy It’s Skinny pasta in all your favorite dishes. It’s Skinny comes in three pasta shapes—spaghetti, fettuccine, and angel hair—along with a rice variety.


How does It’s Skinny stay keto-friendly? It’s made with a surprise plant-based ingredient called konjac. Konjac is a unique root vegetable, similar to a turnip, that's been used in Asian cooking for years. It makes excellent keto-friendly pasta that you'll love. You can find It's Skinny at many grocery stores or order online in a convenient multipack.


Besides eating well-rounded keto meals (that don’t feel like dieting), you can kick your keto snack cravings to the curb with these delicious ideas.





Meat is always a good keto snack. Snacking on a piece of meat might feel a little strange initially, but it's filling and often easy. Some easy keto snack ideas include:


  • Cold cuts
  • Bacon
  • Cut up chicken or steak bites
  • Beef jerky
  • Salami or pepperoni
  • Tuna pouches
  • Sashimi
  • Smoked salmon
  • Pork rinds




Craving a crunchy keto snack? There are plenty of vegetables that will give you that satisfying crunch. Pair them with a dip, and you have perfect easy keto snacks for beginners.


Best vegetables for keto dipping:


  • Celery
  • Pepper strips
  • Zucchini strips
  • Cucumber
  • Broccoli
  • Green beans
  • Carrots (in moderation)
  • Cauliflower
  • Asparagus


Dip raw vegetables or blanch them in a little boiling water to make them bright and crispy.


As for the keto dips, you really have many different options. Because keto is high-fat-friendly, look for unsweetened, higher fat options like:


  • Guacamole
  • Chimichurri
  • Homemade mayo
  • Cream cheese
  • Sour cream
  • Queso


Mix in fresh herbs for a fresh flavor. You could also try the sauces with some hot pepper for a kick or add in your favorite spices. One of the joys of keto is experimenting with the different flavors to create something you really love.




Finding sweet keto snacks can feel like a challenge, especially to those who are just starting out on the plan. Fortunately, there are a few sweet snacks that can make things a little easier: avocado, coconut, and berries. All of these items, along with whole heavy cream, are keto-friendly.


Crush your cravings with these sweet keto snacks:


  • Cream cheese topped with berries
  • Whipped avocado with chocolate to make a mousse
  • Berries dipped in heavy cream
  • Macadamia nut butter
  • Dried coconut chips
  • Small piece of dark chocolate (80% or higher)
  • Keto-friendly coffee (make it bulletproof with butter, ghee, or coconut oil)




Cheese lovers can satisfy all their desires with these easy keto diet snacks. Keto is one of the few diets where cheese is on the menu (and who doesn’t love that)?! Satisfy your savory cravings with some of the following keto snack ideas:


  • Baked brie
  • Cheddar cheese cubes
  • Parmesan cheese crisps
  • Cheese balls (made from cream cheese)
  • Sliced cheese rollups
  • Mozzarella cheese or string cheese




Looking for late-night keto snacks? If you find yourself rummaging around the kitchen at night, seeking snacks, don't worry—we've got you covered! No one wants to cook late at night, of course, so here are a few late-night healthy keto snacks that are easy to eat before bed.


  • Macadamia nuts
  • Hardboiled egg
  • Half an avocado
  • Olives
  • Celery with cheese dip
  • Cucumbers with vinegar and sea salt
  • Kale chips
  • Freeze-dried vegetable chips (check for keto-friendly varieties)




What are the best keto snacks on the go? If you're traveling or heading out the door and need some excellent keto snack ideas to bring along, try these:


  • Beef jerky
  • Macadamia, pecan, or Brazil nuts
  • Hardboiled eggs
  • Cubed cold cuts
  • Meat sticks
  • Olives (look for pre-packaged to-go cups)
  • Cheese sticks or string cheese
  • Pork rinds
  • Celery sticks




The other answer to keto snack cravings is to eat something you'd typically eat as a meal—just opt for a smaller version. For example, have a chicken breast, a mini breakfast, a few strips of bacon, or your favorite keto-friendly pasta dish!


Make a small serving of one of your favorite dishes and enjoy a portion to tide you over until your next regular mealtime. A few options to consider:



You can also riff on any of your favorite pasta dishes or rice bowls using It's Skinny. Add some protein and fat, and you'll have a delicious, keto-friendly snack that will keep you full and satisfied. So don't give into those junk food cravings and undo your hard work!


With It's Skinny, you can do keto your way—and still enjoy many of your favorite meals, carb (and guilt) free!

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