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Discover the Best Keto Pasta Brands on the Market


If you're on keto, you're probably aware that there aren't a lot of keto pasta brands out there. Unfortunately, most low-carb pasta brands offer a questionable product (think rubbery, tangy, smelly, or just plain weird).

Many keto dieters wonder if pasta is just off the menu for good. Are there any brands of low-carb pasta that are worth it? Well, let’s introduce you to It’s Skinny!

Keto Spaghetti Noodles You’ll Love

What makes It’s Skinny one of the best keto pasta brands on the market? Well, it's not just one feature but a whole slew of aspects that make It’s Skinny pasta the best keto pasta out there. Here are some of the things you’ll love about It’s Skinny.

1. It’s Skinny is Made from Plants

It’s Skinny pasta is made from an amazing plant called konjac. Never heard of it? While konjac might be new to the western market (and the keto dieting world), it’s been enjoyed in Asian countries for centuries as both food and medicine.

Konjac is a small, unassuming root vegetable. It looks a little like a turnip. Texture-wise, raw konjac is a little like a potato. But it’s very high in a special type of fiber called glucomannan. This fiber makes you feel full and helps keep your blood sugar steady and stable. It’s Skinny contains only 9 calories per pack and ZERO net carbs per serving.

Best of all, konjac makes the best keto pasta. You may have heard of shirataki noodles or miracle noodles —all names for konjac pasta. It's Skinny uses a unique formula that makes our konjac pasta the best low-carb pasta substitute because we add a tiny bit of oat powder to help create a more traditional pasta-like texture. The results are a plant-based keto pasta noodle that can’t be beat.

2. It’s Skinny Keto Spaghetti Noodles Are Delicious

So if It's Skinny is made from a root vegetable, does it taste like vegetables? Nope! Unlike many keto pasta alternatives like zucchini noodles, chickpea noodles, or riced cauliflower, It’s Skinny pasta doesn’t have a strong flavor that overpowers the dish.

Let’s face it, those other pasta alternatives (like zoodles) taste like vegetables, no matter how you prepare them. Plus, they hold onto a lot of water, resulting in a soggy, very un-pasta-like dish. It’s Skinny won’t get mushy or ruin your meal.

It’s Skinny’s low-carb pasta tends to take on the flavor of the surrounding ingredients. We all know that the best part of any regular pasta dish, whether it’s a pesto or a Bolognese, is the sauce (and the toppings). It's Skinny lets the flavors of herbs, garlic, protein, cheese, and vegetables, shine through and become the stars of the dish. Take that, zoodles!

3. It’s Skinny is One of the Best Keto Pasta Brands Because ZERO Carbs

Because of the high fiber content, It's Skinny doesn't contain any net carbs, making it ideal for keto dieters. Unfortunately, even a trace amount of carbohydrates can derail your diet when you're on keto. Keto cravings are real, but as everyone knows, if you give in, you have to start all over.

When you follow keto, the goal is to get your body in a state called ketosis. Ketosis is where your body burns through fat rather than carbohydrates for energy. You’ll start tapping into that extra body fat and slimming down by eating the right combination of protein and fat and cutting out carbs.

Is it hard to follow a low-carb diet like keto? It can be at first, but It's Skinny is a great keto diet hack. You can enjoy all your favorite dishes---noodles, pasta, rice—with none of the guilt. It's Skinny is a delicious and easy way to lighten up your dishes, lower calories, and ensure you're not accidentally getting sneaky carbs in your meals. Best of all, you'll feel full and satisfied, so you aren't tempted to give into your keto cravings.

4. It’s Skinny is All Natural

There are only four ingredients in each pack of It’s Skinny: konjac powder, oat powder, water, and calcium hydroxide (for freshness). Our ingredients are natural, simple, and perfect for anyone looking for a healthy keto pasta option.

Because It’s Skinny is made with konjac root, it’s suitable for vegetarians and vegans, as well as those following diets like keto, paleo, Whole 30, and more. Our noodles are also gluten-free, making them safe for those sensitive to gluten.

The problem with some keto pasta brands is that they contain strange ingredients that are hard to recognize. Many of them give the illusion of being a healthier choice, but they may be full of sodium and other ingredients that can be less-than-ideal. It’s Skinny offers the best keto pasta with simple, natural ingredients.

5. It’s Skinny Keto Pasta Noodles are Ready FAST

One thing about cooking with pasta is that it takes time. It's not complicated to boil water and add noodles, but there's a narrow window when pasta reaches that perfect al dente point. After that, it gets gloppy and soggy. Also, many keto pasta brands are made with ingredients like chickpeas, which can be even more challenging to get right.

No one wants their pasta to be complicated, and It's Skinny makes it even easier to create a delicious pasta dish that's ready in minutes (literally, two minutes). All you do is prepare your favorite pasta sauce, protein, and veggies. Then, as those components are done cooking, open up the pack of It’s Skinny, drain, and add to the pan to heat through. That’s it!

You'll enjoy perfect, easy-to-prepare keto pasta recipes with ease! It's Skinny is ideal for weeknight meals. After a long day at the office, a workout at the gym, or time out with friends, It's Skinny offers a delicious, filling way to get your pasta fix without ruining your keto diet.

6. It’s Skinny is One of the Only Keto Pasta Brands with Rice

Now, let’s talk rice! There are keto pasta brands on the market, but It’s Skinny offers one of the only keto-friendly rice options out there! A few years ago, cauli-rice was all the rage. Everyone was getting out their box grater and shredding up heads of cauliflower…only to find that it still tasted like cauliflower.

Now, not that we don't love cauliflower, but it doesn't go with every dish, and it's certainly no substitute for rice. Moreover, preparing rice takes forever and is challenging, even for experienced cooks. Without a perfect measurement of rice-to-water, a rice cooker, and endless patience, you're likely to give up and skip the rice altogether (or opt for carb-laden instant rice).

Don’t mess up your progress just for rice! It’s Skinny Rice is the perfect keto-friendly rice option to create all your favorite meals. Enjoy a burrito bowl, fried rice, or a keto-friendly poke bowl with all of the flavor and none of the guilt. This is rice your way!

Looking for the Best Keto Pasta Brands? Look No Further than It’s Skinny

It’s Skinny is a keto-dieters dream. The keto diet works well for dropping weight and feeling great. People are drawn to it because they feel energized and awesome when they follow keto.

But keto isn’t without drawbacks. Any time we’re told there’s food that’s off limits, we start to crave it more. Keto can be restrictive, so the best way to find success is by setting up alternatives so you can enjoy your favorite foods and recreate the dishes you love in a keto-friendly way.

It’s Skinny lets you make all those yummy meals you crave while helping you stay on track. You won’t feel deprived or cheated out of spaghetti night ever again! It’s Skinny is filling, easy to make, and delicious. It’s simple, straightforward keto-friendly pasta.

If you’re ready to try It’s Skinny today, order a pack online. We offer our keto spaghetti noodles, fettuccine, angel hair, and rice in convenient six packs. Can't decide which pasta shape is right for you? Order a variety pack so you can experiment with all the different options.

It’s Skinny pasta is the secret to keto success. Check out our delicious keto pasta today!