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Dec 1st 2023


Chances are you've heard the buzz about keto and want the results…but keto can seem daunting if you aren't a big fan of cooking. How do you prepare so much food? What if you don't have hours to spend in the kitchen?

Well, no worries, keto beginners(Opens in a new window)! We’ve got you covered with this easy 7-day lazy keto meal plan to help you jumpstart your diet. Follow this simple keto meal plan for a week and you’ll enjoy lots of yummy food without spending ALL day in the kitchen.


Keto is a high-fat, low-carb diet plan that gets quick results. Many people love keto because not only is it great for weight loss, but it makes you feel more alert and energetic, too. If you're doing keto right, you shouldn't feel hungry or deprived—just satisfied with increased energy levels.

Following a keto meal plan requires a little bit of diligence to cut your carb intake, though. You need to keep your carbs under about 50 grams per day if you want your body to stay in ketosis(Opens in a new window). Ketosis means that you’re burning through fat instead of carbohydrate reserves. To get there, you have to follow the diet carefully. If you mess up, it can take a few days for your body to get back into fat-burning mode.

Fortunately, keto isn’t too hard to follow, especially if you have some easy keto recipes in your repertoire. After all, you can have cheese, meat, and all kinds of delicious foods (hello, avocado)!

You may also feel daunted by the food preparation involved in keto. Some people don't love to cook, so following a meal plan that requires a lot of time in the kitchen isn't for them. Never fear! With these recipes and lazy keto meal ideas, you won’t need to spend all day doing meal prep. You'll get the health benefits of keto without the stress.

Some people prefer a whole-food approach to the traditional keto diet. Others opt for convenience or a "dirty keto" approach. What does dirty keto mean? The term refers to a diet where you might consume sugar-free diet soda, processed meats, cheeses, and other keto junk foods. A dirty keto plan can make some folks feel a little bloated or run down. So, it's important to find the right balance.

We say that if you're already working to cut carbs, you're already halfway there. Who are we to judge if you need to grab some cold cuts or wash down your meal with a diet soda? But it's essential to make sure you're eating in a way that makes you feel good and healthy.

It’s crucial to get enough water and enough rest when you’re switching to a keto diet. You may experience a short period where you feel a bit run down or flu-ish—often called the keto flu(Opens in a new window). If you experience this, your body is likely getting used to a new way of eating. Drink extra water, and be sure to rest. Before starting any meal plan, it's always a good idea to check in with your doctor. Get a picture of your overall health before you switch to a low carb diet.

The biggest secret to following keto is to avoid deprivation. Feeling deprived is the biggest drawback to any diet. It feels like torture when you have to turn down desserts or pass on pasta. It's much wiser (and you'll be more successful) if you find swaps for your favorite treats.

In our lazy keto meal plan, we've included low-carb pasta and rice dishes, including desserts! Yep! That's right—you can still have pasta, rice, and even dessert on keto! You just need to be smart about it (and we're about to tell you how). Following a meal plan is a great way to help you ease into keto meal planning so you can make the right food choices.


Looking through this lazy 7-day keto meal plan, you probably notice something unusual for a keto diet—some dishes include pasta and rice! How?!

Well, we’d like to introduce you to the keto dieter’s secret weapon: It’s Skinny!It’s Skinny makes delicious ZERO net carb pasta and rice(Opens in a new window), perfect for remaking all your favorite dishes into keto-friendly meals! After all, pasta and rice are the best part of most meals, right?

We make It’s Skinny in four varieties:

If you’re following a clean meal plan or prefer organic products, we have good news—all It’s Skinny varieties are also available in organic options! Choose from Organic Rice(Opens in a new window), Organic Spaghetti(Opens in a new window), Organic Angel Hair(Opens in a new window), and Organic Fettuccine(Opens in a new window). You can also get a regular or organic variety pack if you’d like to sample all the types of It’s Skinny Pasta and Rice.

So how does It’s Skinny stay so keto-friendly? It's made with konjac root! You may have heard of shirataki noodles. Often, the complaint about shirataki noodles is that the texture seems off or that they have a strong smell. Not with It’s Skinny!

It’s Skinny shirataki noodles are the perfect swap because they have the right texture to mimic your favorite carbs in all your go-to recipes. What’s more, It’s Skinny Pasta and Rice take on the flavors of surrounding ingredients with no weird aftertaste.

It couldn't be easier to use It's Skinny. Open the pack, drain, and add it to your other ingredients at the end of the cooking process. It's Skinny heats up and is ready to enjoy in 2-3 minutes flat. There's no boiling water or preparation needed. It's so simple!

Are you ready to get started with keto diet success? Follow this simple 7-day keto meal plan to embark on your keto journey with It’s Skinny! You'll find these simple ingredients at your local grocery store (nothing too crazy in this meal plan), so make your shopping list and get ready for these easy lazy keto recipes.


Choose an item from each category to mix and match your favorite easy keto meals for the next week. Be sure to monitor your carbohydrate consumption and drink plenty of water.


Eggs & Bacon: Whip up a classic plate of eggs and bacon. It's one of those simple recipes that's the easiest way to start your day. Crack an egg and cook up a few regular or turkey bacon strips in the same pan. It takes about 5 minutes to make a hearty, protein-rich breakfast. Bonus—add a little cheese to that scramble!

Avocado Egg: Use your air fryer or toaster oven to put together a quick egg bake. Half an avocado and crack an egg in the center. Add salt and pepper and let it bake until the egg is set for an easy recipe you can make in the morning.

Protein Shake: Use a blender to create a yummy protein shake with your favorite keto-friendly powder and whole milk. You can even use a whisk cup to mix up your protein shake in a jiff!

Easy Breakfast Bowl with Rice(Opens in a new window): One of our favorite It’s Skinny recipes. This breakfast bowl is oh-so-filling! It comes together in mere minutes (one pan), and you'll love how it keeps you satisfied well into lunchtime. Perfect if you’ve got a big day ahead!

Keto Cakes: Whisk egg and cream cheese together into delicious keto cakes. These simple, savory pancakes are easy to enjoy on the go. Mix an egg with a few tablespoons of cream cheese and pour it into a pan; cook on both sides, and you're ready to enjoy!

Breakfast Sandwich: Miss those fast food commuter sandwiches? You can use eggs as buns and still enjoy your breakfast sandwich on the go! Make keto pancakes above or use an aluminum ring to make an egg “bun.” Top with sausage and cheese for a grab-and-go solution.

Italian Keto Breakfast Scramble(Opens in a new window): Our go-to breakfast is this Italian keto breakfast scramble. It’s a savory dish with green squash, olives, and basil, along with filling It’s Skinny Rice to keep you satisfied throughout the day. Start out right with an Italian classic! What's more? This breakfast won't even break your fast if you follow an intermittent fasting plan!


Cobb Salad: Topped with bacon and egg, Cobb salad is arguably the most keto-friendly salad out there. Add a little avocado and a creamy keto dressing for a salad that feels like a full meal, no questions asked. If you’re ordering at a restaurant, Cobb salad is often a safe bet (just be sure to hold the croutons).

Sesame Noodle Bowl(Opens in a new window): Feel like a restaurant-style cold noodle bowl? These creamy, dreamy sesame noodles will blow your mind! You can top them off with your favorite protein if you want a little boost—otherwise, these are delicious and portable on their own!

Poke Bowl(Opens in a new window): Our poke bowl is a light and luscious lunch made with It’s Skinny zero net carb Rice and sushi-grade tuna. We love how the avocado (yay, healthy fats!) enhances the flavors and makes this yummy bowl feel like a real treat!

Lettuce Wraps: While a lettuce wrap might not be the MOST exciting lunch, it's the perfect option for a lazy keto dieter. Grab a big leaf of lettuce and fill 'er up with all your favorite sandwich or burger fixings. Try ground beef, chopped chicken breasts, or shrimp inside leafy greens. You can have the meat and the cheese guilt-free when you toss the bun!

Burrito bowl(Opens in a new window): Craving your favorite fast-casual Mexican food? This guilt-free burrito bowl will put those chain burritos to shame! Enjoy all the flavors of your favorite—Mexican food in a (It's Skinny) rice-filled bowl that hits the spot.

Cheese Wraps: While they might not be the most glamorous lunch option, cheese slices do the trick when seeking a bun replacer. Use a piece of cheese (yes, processed cheese is often considered "dirty keto," but it's fast and easy) and wrap it around a pickle, sliced boiled egg, cold cuts, or some salami. Alternatively, wrap the cold cuts around a mozzarella or cheddar cheese stick. Either way, you have a quick lunch that's high in protein.

Tuna Salad in an Avocado: A quick and simple keto favorite is the tuna salad avocado. Slice your avocado in half and fill it with a mix of tuna, keto-friendly mayo, and some chopped red onion or pickle. It’s a creamy and satisfying lunch option that’s so easy to make!


Lazy Lasagna(Opens in a new window): We bet when you thought of easy lazy keto meals, lasagna wasn’t a dish that popped into your mind! But guess what?! It’s Skinny Fettuccine helps you make this killer deconstructed lasagna that takes just minutes to bring together. It’s a huge payoff for very little work.

10-Minute Chicken Fettuccine(Opens in a new window): Got 10 minutes? We can give you a restaurant-worthy, keto-friendly chicken fettuccine that will knock your socks off! This creamy, dreamy dish is easy for even a newbie cook to make. Topped with some protein, this meal has serious comfort-food vibes.

Shrimp Scampi with Spaghetti(Opens in a new window): Oh yes, your favorite restaurant dish can be recreated at home in minutes with keto-friendly It’s Skinny Spaghetti. Enjoy buttery shrimp over ZERO net carb It’s Skinny Spaghetti (shrimp cooks up shockingly fast)!

Low-Carb Chicken Fried Rice(Opens in a new window): Ditch DoorDash and make your own low-carb chicken fried rice. You don’t need to spend money on takeout when It’s Skinny Rice helps bring this classic meal together in less time than delivery. (This one makes a great lunch tomorrow, too.)

Teriyaki Salmon with Green Beans and Rice(Opens in a new window): Want a pretty dish that’s date-night fancy? Teriyaki salmon and green beans over It’s Skinny Rice is perfect! Salmon is a quick-cooking fish that takes just a few minutes to pan-fry. This meal feels special (and no one has to know it took literally 10 minutes to make).

Sag Paneer with Pasta(Opens in a new window): For some Middle Eastern flavor, creamy saag paneer (spinach with cheese) is a delicious pairing with It’s Skinny Pasta. It may sound unconventional, but if you’re longing for Indian food, this one will fit the bill—fast and simple!

Chicken and Sausage Pasta(Opens in a new window): Chicken and sausage are low-carb foods—meaty, savory, and so delicious. You won’t believe that this is a diet-friendly meal. Thanks to It’s Skinny, though, it’s low-carb and guilt-free. Spinach, tomato, olive oil, and Parmesan top delicate Angel Hair for a beautiful and so-yummy meal!


Are you looking for some sweet keto treats? Don't miss these 7 keto desserts to keep you satisfied(Opens in a new window). Below are just two of our very favorite keto dessert options.

Rice Pudding(Opens in a new window): It’s Skinny saves the day again in this sweet and creamy rice pudding. This is just like grandma used to make—but way better because there are no carbs to weigh you down!

Fat Bombs: Fat bombs are a keto weight loss (not so secret) secret! These little balls taste a little like cookie dough. You can mix coconut oil, creamy peanut butter, cream cheese, and toppings like peanuts or cashews. There are so many options, and these are ideal for those of us who don't like to bake!

There you have it—7 days of keto-friendly meals to help you get started on your path to keto success. With It’s Skinny Pasta and Rice, it's possible to do keto without stress! Try it today, and you'll be shocked at how quickly it works!

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