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Italian Keto Breakfast Scramble

Gluten Free Keto

Recipe by Chef Michele Ragussis, Jorge Cruise-approved

  • Cook Time 10 minutes
  • Serves 2
  • Difficulty Easy

Craving something a little different for breakfast? This Italian keto breakfast scramble is a new take on savory veggie scrambles. Best of all, it won’t derail your diet with carbs.

Reminiscent of your favorite Italian dishes, this Italian breakfast scramble rice is full of flavor and satisfying fat and protein. Once you try it, you’ll love rotating this breakfast skillet into your favorite morning meals.

Rice for Breakfast?

Perhaps you’ve heard of breakfast risotto or tried breakfast fried rice before? It may sound a little different, but many of our favorite (carb-loaded) cereals are rice-based. Around the world, many people eat rice dishes for their morning meal.

You could enjoy a traditional veggie breakfast scramble, but often there's not enough to really fill you up. Adding It's Skinny Rice to this dish will make you feel full and satisfied without adding carbs to weigh you down.

Rice with no carbs might sound too good to be true, but with It’s Skinny, you can enjoy all your favorite rice dishes without the added calories and carbohydrates. One package of It’s Skinny has ZERO net carbs and only 9 calories!

It’s Skinny Pasta and It’s Skinny Rice are made from a miraculous root called konjac. This veggie is high in glucomannan fiber—an ultra-filling, ultra-satisfying fiber that doesn’t add carbohydrates to the dish. It keeps your blood sugar steady, so you avoid the spike and crash phenomenon that often happens with most traditional rice-type dishes.

If you've never heard of konjac root, don't feel bad. It's not a common vegetable in the United States. However, people in Asian countries have used konjac for years. The vegetable is a little like a turnip or a potato. It’s also the main ingredient in low-carb shirataki noodles (and shirataki rice).

It’s Skinny is available in several varieties, perfect for lightening up all of your favorite meals. Try the spaghetti, angel hair, fettuccine, and, of course, rice! With so many shapes and styles to choose from, you’ll easily make any dish your way.

It’s Skinny is plant-based, making it perfect for keto dieters, vegetarians, vegans, paleo dieters, and those who follow intermittent fasting and low-calorie meal plans. Order a variety pack today and discover how delicious low-carb living can be!

Enjoy the Flavors of this Italian Breakfast Scramble

This Italian keto breakfast scramble combines eggs, olives, and green squash in a hearty and filling scramble. Adding It's Skinny Rice makes it a complete meal that will stick with you throughout the day.

The flavors in this delicious Italian scramble come from basil, olive oil, salt, and pepper. If you’re following keto, this breakfast scramble is perfect. It has lots of healthy fats from olives and olive oil. The egg yolk also adds a bit of healthy fat. It’s also ideal for those who follow intermittent fasting.

“Breaking” your fast happens when you consume carbohydrates, causing your blood sugar to spike. It’s Skinny Rice contains zero net carbs, and the other ingredients in this dish are also extremely low in carbohydrates. We call it a no break-fast breakfast.

The olives and healthy fats in this breakfast make it extra filling. The addition of basil makes it fresh and adds Italian flavor.

So is this really an authentic Italian breakfast? It’s not quite the traditional Italian fare. In Italy, breakfast often consists of strong coffee. Occasionally, a pastry or toast might be part of the breakfast too. But if you eschew carbs, a scramble is a filling way to start your day.

However, what makes this healthy breakfast scramble more authentic is that it includes many of the flavors of Italy. Italians are well known for their health and fitness, which is often due to their adherence to the Mediterranean diet. Olives, rice, olive oil, vegetables, and fish, like salmon, are all enjoyed regularly on the diet.

Although we may not associate rice with Italian dishes, arborio rice is a staple, used in risotto and many other rice-based dishes and desserts. This keto breakfast scramble is a healthy and delicious beginning to your morning.

Make this Keto Veggie Scramble Your Own

If you’re ready to make this keto scramble with It’s Skinny Rice, follow the recipe below. You can also adapt the scramble to include other flavors (but remember that some adaptations may add carbs, so if you're looking for a no-break-fast breakfast, you may need to explore the numbers).

Add onions or garlic to amp the flavors in this breakfast scramble. Spinach and mushrooms are also excellent low-carb additions to this meal. You could add sausage or prosciutto for additional Italian flavors and protein too.

If you prefer a different take on a breakfast scramble with rice, you can adapt fried rice, adding bacon or ham (or any protein) and omitting the olives. Change the basil to cilantro. Try small pieces of Bok choy, mushrooms, or another low-carb vegetable to add more Asian flair.

If you’re watching carbs but following a more flexible plan, sundried tomatoes, smoked salmon, or roasted red peppers could be a lovely addition. Add cream cheese, feta, or goat cheese, for another Mediterranean riff.

No matter how you make this Italian keto breakfast scramble, it’s easy and filling. Working with It’s Skinny Rice couldn't be simpler. We know you don't want to cook a big meal in the morning, and preparing It's Skinny Rice takes only minutes.

To use It’s Skinny, tear open the package, drain, and add to the pan at the end of cooking your other ingredients. It’s Skinny Pasta and It’s Skinny Rice take only two minutes to cook. There’s no waiting for water to boil and trying to get the perfect level of doneness. Simply heat and eat. It’s that easy!

Some folks like to rinse It’s Skinny rice before using, but it’s not necessary. The flavor of It’s Skinny products is mild—similar to pasta or rice. So it won't overpower your other ingredients or take over the dish (like cauliflower rice or zoodles).

It’s Skinny is perfect for all your favorite dishes. Adapt your favorites with It’s Skinny—low-carb, low-calorie, and delicious. Enjoy this yummy keto breakfast scramble today!

Italian Keto Breakfast Scramble with It’s Skinny Rice

With simple ingredients, this hearty keto vegetable scramble is a great way to start your day! It’s ultra-low-carb and ideal for intermittent fasters—a no-break-fast breakfast. 

This keto breakfast scramble recipe makes a serving for one. You can double it for two people or save the other half pack of It’s Skinny for tomorrow’s breakfast! Enjoy!


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  • Skinny Rice | It's Skinny
  • ½ Package of It’s Skinny Rice
  • ¼ teaspoon fresh basil, finely chopped
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1/2 tablespoon olive oil
  • ¼ cup olives (we prefer Castralavano)
  • ½ medium green squash, cubed
  • 1 tablespoon of ghee, butter, olive oil (dairy-free), or avocado oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon of soy sauce (optional - omit for gluten-free)
  • - Salt and pepper to taste



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