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Low-Carb Mexican Rice-shaped Pasta With Chicken

Keto Low Carb Paleo

Recipe by Chef Michele Ragussis

  • Cook Time 15 minutes
  • Serves 2 servings
  • Difficulty Easy

Today we’re making one of my all-time favorite dishes—Mexican It’s Skinny Rice with chicken. This is the perfect recipe if you're craving a quick and yummy taco bowl that beats any fast-casual Mexican food takeout.

You can make this delicious and satisfying meal in about seven minutes. That's less time than it would take to go through a drive-through! Moreover, you can pick up all these ingredients right at the grocery store. So let's make Mexican rice with chicken your way with It's Skinny!

The Difference of Fresh Mex

There's something ultra-satisfying about fresh Mexican cuisine. The cilantro, onion, peppers, tomato, and lime might be just about one of the most extraordinary combinations in the universe. Add extra garlic and chilis to give it an ultra-spicy kick.

Did you ever wonder why so many dishes in Mexican cuisine contain tomatoes and peppers? Tomatoes originated in Mexico, dating back to the days of the Aztecs. During the Spanish conquest, they returned to Europe with the tomato, where it spread into Spanish, Italian, and other European cuisines.

Interestingly tomatoes are actually fruits—berries, to be exact. They grow well in Mexico, thanks to the temperate climate. Mexico continues to be one of the top exporters of tomatoes today, and they are a staple component of almost all Mexican cuisine. Tomatoes come in many varieties and are a great source of Vitamin C, fiber, and the antioxidant lycopene.

Peppers have similar origins in Mexico. In fact, it’s hard to imagine Mexican cuisine without peppers. Peppers date back to Mayan culture. The Mayan people used them for food and medicine, including spicy beverages made from cacao and chilis. In early times, indigenous people even used peppers as currency.

Today, over 50 types of peppers are used throughout Mexican cuisine and are responsible for many of the delicious and complex flavors we enjoy. There’s a range from mild bell peppers to the medium heat of jalapenos and poblanos to ultra-spicy habaneros and ghost peppers. Some peppers are used in several different ways, like fresh poblano dried into ancho pepper or jalapeno peppers smoked and dried into chipotle.

No matter your favorite Mexican food, chances are high that it contains peppers, tomatoes, or both.

Cilantro is another popular element in Mexican cuisine, although it is believed to have originated in the Mediterranean. It is also known as Coriander and is mentioned in many ancient texts. However, one of the most interesting things about cilantro is that some people are genetically predisposed to dislike the leafy green herb.

To some people, cilantro is delicious—lemony, fresh, herby, and a little spicy. It's popular in Asian and Middle Eastern Cuisine, as well as throughout Latin America and in Mediterranean cooking. However, other people taste cilantro as soapy, musky, and unpleasant. If you are amongst the people who have an aversion to cilantro, you can swap it for milder parsley.

The other ingredients in this dish are simple—onions, garlic, lime, chicken, and of course, It’s Skinny Rice, which makes this dish low-calorie, low-carb, and keto-friendly. The tomatoes, peppers, and aromatics come together to make a delicious sauce that can’t be beat. The chicken adds a nice protein boost, making this a great meal to keep you full throughout the day.

All About It’s Skinny Rice

This Mexican rice with chicken recipe has impressive stats for almost any diet plan. Why is that? You can thank It's Skinny Rice!

If you’re unfamiliar with It’s Skinny Rice, it’s made from konjac root—the same ingredient in It’s Skinny Pasta. The vegetable root of the konjac plant is ideal for rice and pasta because it has the perfect texture and a mild taste that pairs well with any sauce or other ingredients in the dish.

Konjac is high in glucomannan fiber. This unique ingredient means that It's Skinny Rice has ZERO net carbs and only 9 calories per bag, yet it leaves you feeling full and satisfied. In addition, the fiber helps keep your blood sugar steady during the day—none of the carb spikes and crashes you might get from traditional pasta dishes.

Unlike other rice swaps like riced cauliflower, It’s Skinny Rice doesn’t overpower your dish. It doesn’t have a strange aftertaste like cauli-rice, either. Other rice options, like brown rice, might seem healthy. However, they are still high in carbohydrates and calories—especially heat-and-eat packages, which often contain additional ingredients, sugars, MSG, and other flavorings. So even though these rice alternatives seem like a good idea, they can derail your keto or low-carb diet. Plus, who wants to waste calories on rice?!

What’s more, It’s Skinny Rice couldn’t be easier to work with! Anyone who’s ever cooked white rice knows that getting it right is almost an art. It requires a rice cooker, exact measurements, and serving it at the perfect moment before it becomes gluey or gloppy. With It’s Skinny Rice, you don’t need to stress! There’s no waiting and no fussing with a rice cooker or special equipment.

To use It’s Skinny Rice, you simply tear open the package, drain, rinse if you like, and add the rice to your dish at the end of the cooking process. Once the rice heats through, it’s ready! It literally takes only a minute or two, and you can enjoy a guilt-free, delicious, and satisfying rice bowl!

If you’re ready to try It’s Skinny Rice, you can order online today! Try the variety pack to sample all the styles of It’s Skinny—Spaghetti, Fettuccine, Angel Hair, and of course, Rice. Once you realize how delicious and simple it is to cook with It’s Skinny, you’ll be hooked!

Frequently Asked Questions About Mexican Rice with Chicken

Some people have questions about this dish, especially if it’s their first time working with It’s Skinny Rice. While cooking this quick and easy Mexican meal couldn’t be easier, there are a few tips and tricks to help.

Could I make this vegetarian or vegan?

Yes! You could easily make this Mexican It’s Skinny Rice bowl vegetarian or even vegan. The only non-vegetarian ingredient is chicken. Swap it for soy chorizo, crumbled tofu, or vegetarian mock chicken. You could also add black beans for protein. Keep in mind that some vegetarian mock meats are high in carbohydrates and calories, so it may change the stats on this low-carb rice dish. You could also omit the chicken for a great Mexican side dish.

Do I need to pre-cook It’s Skinny Rice?

If you’ve never worked with It’s Skinny Rice before, don’t worry—it’s extremely simple. Just open the pack of It’s Skinny Rice, drain, rinse, and then add it to your pan. It needs to heat through for about two minutes, and it’s ready to enjoy. It’s Skinny Rice is much easier to cook than traditional white rice—no rice cooker, Instant pot, or slow cooker required! This is a one-pan meal.

What other ingredients and substitutions can I use in Mexican Rice with Chicken?

You can make this Mexican Rice with Chicken recipe your own by adding your favorite hot sauce. Bulk up the vegetables by adding some zucchini or yellow squash to this dish. If you need to increase your healthy keto fats, you could top this bowl with some fresh avocado. Crumbled queso or shredded jack cheese would also go great with this Mexican rice bowl. Turn down the heat with a little keto-friendly sour cream or turn up the heat with some extra spicy peppers.

This Mexican rice recipe also pairs well with other proteins. You could use chicken thighs for a richer, juicier meat. The recipe would go well with steak, chorizo, or pulled pork as well. Keep in mind that any substitutions could make this dish higher carb or less keto-friendly, so be sure to check that the additional ingredients fall into your style of eating.

Recipe for Mexican Rice and Chicken with It’s Skinny 

If you're ready to make this delicious and satisfying Mexican rice and chicken recipe, it could NOT be easier. So round up your ingredients and enjoy a yummy and satisfying Mexican rice bowl for lunch or dinner.


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  • Rice Shape | It's Skinny
  • 1-2 chicken breasts, diced
  • 2 Tbsp olive oil
  • 1 onion, diced
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic, diced
  • 1 bell pepper (yellow, red, orange, or green), diced
  • 1 chili pepper, minced
  • 2 small tomatoes, chopped
  • 1 bunch of cilantro, minced
  • 1 package of It’s Skinny Rice
  • - Salt & pepper to taste
  • 1 lime or ¼ cup of lime juice



Rice Shape

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